Río Negro

National Road no. 3

Viedma, Argentina

The project includes repair works for National Road 3 in the section linking the cities of Viedma and San Antonio Oeste (including access to the port of San Antonio Este).

In addition to repaving the road, key works include the dual carriageway in the city of Viedma, paving the access roads, repairs to the West Access to the city, building a bike track and two footbridges. In addition, the project included building a 12.5 km track for agricultural equipment and repairing the access road to San Javier.

This means greater security for those using this major route in southern Argentina

202,61 km

Length of asphalt

150.000 ton

of hot mix asphalt.

54.000 m3

Shoulders made of granular material

109.000 m

Fissure sealing


C.RE.M.A Malla 120. National Road no. 3 Bridge section over the Rio Negro at the junction with National Road no. 251 and National Road no. A-025. Section: Junction. National Road no. 3-Puerto San Antonio Este.


Dirección Nacional de Vialidad


Repaving 202.61 km with asphaltic concrete of the road surface, after preparing and mending the current road by sealing fissures and cracks, sanding, patching and filling in potholes in the road surface and on the verge as well as filling in the track marks and wear. Simultaneous reconstruction of soil verges taking them up to their standard profiles.

A dual carriageway was also built between km 964.55 and 965.61 along with the access road paving between km 964,00 and 965.61. Construction of a bike track between Km 964.55 and 965.61 and 2 footbridges.

Also necessary was a series of repairs to the western access to the city of Viedma and laying 12.5 km of track for agricultural machinery.