Santa Fe

The works are aimed at building new rail infrastructure on the stretch between the towns of Santurce and Esteban Rams in the Province of Santa Fe, a stretch with a length of 64 km

Best track infrastructure for the Ferrocarril Belgrano in the province of Santa Fe

64 km

Railway renovation


Recovery and Improvement of Ferrocarril Gral. Belgrano  -. Total renovation of rail infrastructure in Section 5 (km 211.340 to 275.479) Sector A.


Administrador de Infraestructuras Ferroviarias (ADIF).


This involves the implementation of a new railway infrastructure for a single narrow gauge (1000 mm) track in the section of Ferrocarril Belgrano lying between the towns of Santurce and Esteban Rams in the province of Santa Fe with a length of 64,139 meters. The work includes renovating the main railroad along its entire length depending on the profile type for which the Executive Project will be implemented on the ground along the course of the current track. The following tasks will be undertaken:

  • * Cleaning the stretch in the railway sector.* Initial Survey and Executive Project.* Removal of existing railway sections.

    * Classification of removed material and transport to the place indicated by ADIF.

    * Creation of the new subgrade.

    * Armed and sections of the new structure track with rails, sleepers elastic fastenings and mono block of reinforced concrete.

    * Mounting of preassembled sections along course.

    * Welding to realize the long-welded rail.

    * Placing the ballast in the thickness indicated in the project.

    * Lifting stretches to reach the projected level.

    * Compaction mechanically ballast and alignment of the track.

    * Release of tensions.

    In addition the contract includes other items such as:

    * Installation of Turnouts.

    * Repairing level crossings.

    * Implementation of new diversions at 2 Stations.

    * Replacement of equipment in existing detours.

    * Repairs of cross drains.

    * Construction of concrete culverts.

    * Fencing in rural and urban areas.

    * Compensatory forestation.