Mar del Plata

This project includes the construction of New Road Infrastructure in the Section Vivoratá (Prog. Km. 362,000) to Mar del Plata (Prog. 399,400 km) Ramal R1B and R1C, Buenos Aires – Mar del Plata. Execution of the renewal of 37.4 km of roads between Vivoratá and Mar del Plata stations, and a new upward track of 11.8 km between Camet and Mar del Plata.


Renovation of Buenos Aires – Mar del Plata rail corridor

37,4 km

of track renewal

11,8 KM

of new railways


Railway bridges


New track infrastructure. Vivoratá section (Prog. Km. 362,000) to Mar del Plata (Prog. 399,400 km) Branch R1B and Branch  R1C, Buenos Aires – Mar del Plata.


Administración De Infraestructuras Ferroviarias (ADIF)


The work consisted mainly of the total renovation of the existing single track line over a length of 37.4 km between Vivoratá (362,000 km) station and the entrance to Mar del Plata (399.400 km), the construction of a third auxiliary track at Camet station and the implementation of the new single upwards track, adjacent to the current one along 11.8 km between Camet (km 387.600) and Mar del Plata stations.

The main tasks performed on the existing track include the removal of the existing line, adaptation and conformation of the subgrading, placement of ballast, laying new track and tidying up the artwork (bridges, level crossings and culverts).

The implementation of the new single ascending track covers all the work necessary for the construction of the new embankment to raise the natural ground level of the existing subgrading,

Las principales tareas ejecutadas sobre la traza existente comprenden el retiro de la vía existente, la adecuación y conformación de la subrasante, la colocación de balasto, tendido de vía nueva y la adecuación de las obras de arte (puentes, pasos a niveles y alcantarillas).

place ballast, laying new track and creating new sewers and artwork as necessary for the new double track line.

The extension contemplates 54 E1 rails with welded joints so as to shape a long welded rail mounted on prestressed concrete monoblock sleepers with spring clips.