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Integral renovation of the Retiro Mitre station yard

Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires

This project envisages the upgrade of the country’s largest rail yard and station

85.000 m2

Railway works area

1000 tn

New rails


switches and crossings


Integral renovation of the Retiro Mitre station yard




The works include the comprehensive overhaul of the railway network at the head of the Mitre Railroad, a mesh of lines built over 100 years ago, where all the trains traveling on this branch line converge. One thousand tons of new rails will be laid over a surface area of 85,000 m2 , while 6 km of lines will be electrified, incorporating a state-of-the- art switching and sign system to streamline engine maneuvers, which will significantly improve safety standards throughout the railroad's operations.


The works will be carried out principally at the main railway station in Retiro, through which some 300,000 people pass every day. Tasks include engineering design and replacing all the switches and crossings both for local and long -distance trains. The new tracks will be made of plated steel, while the lines connecting to the port will be upgraded and the third steel rail will be replaced with an aluminum alloy rail. The terminal's eight tracks will be electrified and the control system and all the signage systems will be modernized.


The idea is for the works to continue while the station is partially operational, although tasks will be coordinated in stages, so as to ensure that services are not interrupted at any time.

The project also involves moving part of the Mitre line operations across to the neighboring San Martin Railroad station, where there are plans to build a new administrative building, a police station, and pre-boarding facilities for long-distance train passengers, as well as adapt the existing platforms to allow for long-distance trains to operate properly. A total of 850 m2 in covered buildings will be built.


The Retiro rail yard was designed at the beginning of the 20th century, and was considered at the time to be a major technological achievement. However, the railway network has not been upgraded in over 100 years. The idea is to modernize the Mitre rail service and bring it into line with current technological development standards, improving travel times for users.