Our history goes back to 1949 when we began working in the field of engineering and construction; since then, we have forged a name for ourselves in the execution of large-scale projects. As a modern and flexible professional organization, our technical teams are capable of managing highly complex works. We have more than 70 years of experience to our credit in construction and works management in the following areas:

  • Founded in 1949 by private capital of Italian origin
  • Headquarters: City of Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Proven track record and experience in highly complex projects
  • Consolidated technical leadership in the hydropower and water sector, as shown by the construction of 13 hydroelectric plants and dams


Our business strategy is about participating, with leadership and decisiveness, in major infrastructure projects throughout the region, creating jobs and fostering activity in the construction sector.

We are deeply committed to excellence, technical rigor and compliance with the highest standards of quality in the execution of our projects as well as in the contractual deadlines we assume. Inspired by the sacrifice and effort of those who founded the company, we are highly motivated and dedicated to our work, something that has allowed us to build large-scale works as part of a team. We hold our clients, suppliers, subcontractors, professionals and employees in the highest regard as well as the banks and financial institutions with which we operate, and take into consideration the needs of the community and environment where we develop our projects. Our experience has helped us to consolidate efficient management processes with professionalism, accountability and security.




Lawyer (Universidad Catolica Argentina) | Specialized in Business Administration for constructions companies (IAE -School of Management and Business at the Universidad Austral). | He is a member of the Executive Committees of the various joint ventures of which Panedile is a member.

«Panedile’s commitment goes far beyond its aim to position itself as a company with solid experience and excellent technical experience in the field of large-scale works. Panedile interprets the challenge of the moment as an opportunity for companies which are able to present the necessary technical credentials, but which also have the capabilities to develop the financial engineering needed to make these works happen.»



Architect (University of Belgrano). Expert in Construction Company Management (IAE School of Business Management at Universidad Austral). A member of the Harvard Kennedy School and the University of Zurich “Impact Investing Strategy for the Next Generation” Program.

“We tackle the new challenges proposed by the future head-on and work on projects which have a positive impact. We must find a sustainable way to guarantee the renewable use of natural resources and the energy with which they provide us.”



Mrs. Lucía Dragonetti has a degree in Political Science from the Universidad Católica Argentina. Expert in Construction Company Management (IAE School of Business Management at Universidad Austral). Director of MINSUD Resources.

«Intelligence resources and capital should be directed towards thinking and carrying out whatever is essential for the evolution of the community. Infrastructure projects should be a priority in the development of our societies.»

Ing Manuel Cleiman

Commercial Department

Ing Arnaldo Hugo Juárez

Works Management

Ing Santiago Banchio

Equipment, Machinery and Logistics Department

Arq Alfonso Asensio Albino

Architecture Department

CPN Alberto Souto

Administration Department

Valeria Romagosa

Legal Management