We collaborated in the project of the Foundation FLENI to upgrade the Gamma Knife radiosurgery equipment.

We support solidarity initiatives, both those which come from our teams as well as those social organizations with which we share values and a community vision. We believe in positive leadership and its power to encourage and mobilize people to bring about change in the communities where we work.

We seek to generate growth in the communities where we operate and become part of local life through sports activities, celebrations, local initiatives, etc.

We collaborated with the FLENI Foundation in an initiative to upgrade the Gamma Knife equipment which allows neurosurgical procedures to be performed without opening the skull, enabling brain pathologies to be treated on an outpatient basis. The FLENI is the only institute that has this technology in the country and with the support of the community, can now offer this highly sophisticated medical service. Fernando Carcavallo, President of the FLENI Foundation, notes that «the objective of the Foundation is to uphold the highest standards of medical quality in the neurosciences, which requires us to be at the forefront of technological developments in order for our community to be able to offer this country the most advanced procedures our specialty has to offer.»