The project includes the construction of two buildings housing the headquarters of the Social Services Institute of the Province of Corrientes (IOSCOR), the Social Welfare Institute (IPS), the Property Registry, the provincial telecommunications company Telecomunicaciones Corrientes (TELCO), and the General Directorate of Cadastre of the Province of Corrientes.

A modern administrative complex for Corrientes 

6,301 m3

Reinforced concrete

5,940 m2

Curtain wall

2,025 m2



Ioscor-IPS Administrative Complex Buildings, Corrientes, Argentina.


Ministry of Finance of the Province of Corrientes


The project lies to the west of Corrientes city center, near the access to the bridge connecting with the province of Resistencia (Chaco), on a 6,344 m2 plot of land occupying the entire block between the former railroad tracks, Dr. Piragini Niveiro, Lavalle and B. de la Vega streets. Both buildings occupy two-thirds of the land, with pedestrian access along the street occupying the former railroad tracks and vehicular accesses on Lavalle and Niveiro streets.


The buildings are each eight stories high. The ground floor is the public service sector, offering an operational capacity of 1,800 visits per day, while the two floors above that house the parking lots for each department, with 98 covered parking spaces.

As from the third level upwards are the office floors, each measuring 831 m2, whose layout is repeated on six levels, with a total of 850 workstations. In volumetric terms, the complex is unified at the level of the two parking-lot stories (first and second level) acting as a common plinth from which both buildings rise separately, with a modern curtain wall perimeter casing of state-of-the-art glass with solar control.


The project aims to be awarded a LEED-NC Certification (version 4), CERTIFIED category.