Panedile implemented its Integrity Program in 2018 within the framework of the enactment of Argentine Law 27.401 on the Criminal Responsibility of Legal Entities. The program is a reflection of the values and practices that have guided the company’s conduct over its 70 years of experience building major infrastructure projects.


Panedile’s organizational culture leaves a mark on those of us making up the company in the way we create and follow comprehensively transparent and upright procedures, supported by a profound respect for the law. We are committed to doing the right thing as part of our daily activities, and this is what defines us as a company.


The Integrity Program enshrines the Code of Conduct and the Procedures for Transparency, Business Conduct and Management of Alleged Violations and the Investigation and Protection of Complaints. It provides guidelines for what we understand to be ethical and responsible behavior, establishing the principles orienting our actions with a view to preventing any type of unlawful practices, in particular those related to bribery, fraud, money laundering and unfair competition, and any act that involves an offense linked to corruption.


Developing our business with integrity and trust is one of our core values and the reason why our Integrity Program is so important.


We expect all Panedile employees working at each level and in each area throughout our business to familiarize themselves with the program and commit to it, based on a thorough understanding of the rules and conduct it establishes.


Our program is commensurate with the characteristics of our organization, which means that we do business according to the highest standards of integrity. It provides all the members of the company, as well as suppliers, contractors and business partners, with a clear message about the requirement to act transparently in all our working practices.


The Integrity and Compliance Division works closely with the Legal Department and reports directly to the Board of Directors. It actively and responsibly seeks to ensure that the Integrity Plan and its standards are fully up-to-date, constantly designing and updating its policies and procedures to avoid any possible violations of the program and of the Criminal Responsibility Law.


Through its whistleblower channel, Panedile guarantees both the protection of the people coming forward to make complaints, and the investigation of any possible violations of the Integrity Program.