Comprehensive reconstruction of System


Santiago Del Estero

The work ensures the provision of water for human and animal consumption, and provides irrigation for an area of 10,000 hectares for agricultural production as well as another 20,000 hectares which are used for other productive purposes.

This is a comprehensive project for water supply, irrigation and flood control at the Salado River.

8.691.190 m3


17.846 m3


1.750.644 m3


13,8 km

Length of dam


Integral reconstruction of the Figueroa System, Figueroa Department, Santiago del Estero Province.


Secretaría del Agua de la Provincia de Santiago del Estero


Reconstruction of the El Cero and Figueroa dykes and the execution of a series of complementary works.

The main works were carried out on the embankment of the El Cero dam which is 13.8 km long, with a view to incorporating 1,800,000 m3 of selected soil. The embankment has a protection of compacted cement on its upstream slope and filters which use geotextiles on the downstream slope. The crown is composed of a layer with a gravel road and a breakwater parapet of a height of 0.80 m.

The main spillway has a length of 230 m, including the bridge, built entirely of reinforced concrete.

Additional works worth mentioning are the El Cero and San Jorge inflows, works to repair and adapt the Gini canal which is 30 km long, and the construction of a service road parallel to this channel with a width of 10.5 m.

The first inflow captures the waters from the Gini channel and the second from the San Jorge and the future Canal Norte channels. It has a system of automatic regulatory sluice gates, guard sluice gates, railings and a portcullis grille cleaning system.

In the Gini Channel 5 levels were built with their respective bridges and 4 deviation channels with constant flow sluice gates.