We have laid 303 km of the GNEA in the province of Formosa to transport gas to the Argentine Northeast Region. With over 1100 people involved in the project as well as 600 pieces of equipment used in its construction, 25,000 welded joints, and 1,500,000 manhours without LTFIR, the Panedile-Techint joint venture has met its objectives according to international standards.

The Gasoducto del Noreste Argentino will provide access to the natural gas network for more than 3.4 million people

303.000 m

installed pipeline

3.500 m

built per day


joints welded


Surface stations


Engineering, provision of equipment and materials and construction of the Northeast Argentina gas pipeline (GNEA), Row 2, boundary portion with Salta-Ibarreta


Energía Argentina S.A. (ENARSA)


The Argentine Northeastern Gas Pipeline will transport gas from Bolivia to the provinces of Salta, Formosa, Chaco and Santa Fe. The complete work includes the installation of 4,131 km of pipes, of which 1,448 km are the main transport pipe.

The executed section takes place in the Province of Formosa, from the border with Salta to Ibarreta, whose route passes near the towns of Ing. Guillermo Juárez, Chiriguanos, Laguna Yerma, Pozo del Mortero, Juan G. Bazán, Las Lomitas, Pozo del Tigre and E. del Campo.

The main pipeline is 24$ in diameter and 303 km long. The scope of the work executed comprises the complete development of detail engineering, surface facilities, bypass valves for compressor stations, block valves for the derivations to different locations, separation and measuring plants, regulating and odorization plants, connections, high density polyethylene network sections until the approach to different localities and laying fiber optic cables.

Main tasks performed include opening and cleaning track installation of 303 km of pipe 24 «diameter, the laying of 303 km of tritube fiber optic implementation crossings routes, roads, railways, rivers, streams, rivers and waterways, power lines, pipelines and other structures existing along the trace; the provision and installation of a cathodic protection system for pipes; the provision and installation of boundary markers and signboards; Hydrostatic testing the performance of plumbing line; building facilities scraper traps, including civil works (earthworks, foundations, stalls, sidewalks, perimeter fences, etc.), metal structures, plumbing, valves, mounting and interconnection of the traps, electrical installation and instruments; building block valves line including civil works; . The provision and installation of measuring and control stations in the towns of Ing Guillermo Juárez, Chiriguanos, Laguna Yerma, Pozo del Mortero, Juan G. Bazán, Las Lomitas, Pozo del Tigre and E. del Campo, including civil works; the construction of facilities for receiving scraper trap in the vicinity of the corresponding Ibarreta including civil works; consolidating and gravelling access roads to block valves, scraper traps and referrals; special crossings of routes, roads, railways, waterways, other pipelines, power lines and other structures (fiber optics, water lines, etc.).

Works also include the provision of management, supervision, labor, detail engineering, field engineering, supplies, technical and professional services, facilities, tools, equipment, tools, transportation, supplies, planning, programming and coordination for the construction, pre-commissioning, commissioning assistance and the implementation of the work.