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The company has its own vineyards in the districts of Rivadavia and Santa Rosa in the Province of Mendoza

Development of a wine estate in Mendoza


Wine business in the districts of Rivadavia and Santa Rosa, Province of Mendoza


Own business


Within the secondary corporate object under Article 4 of the company Statutes, the firm has a wine growing business in the districts mentioned above, where it mainly grows fine varietals.


The wine business is a long-standing tradition of the Dragonetti family and on the larger estate stands the house where the parents of the current President of Panedile used to stay when they were visiting their properties.


The harvest of this crop season reached 2,130,000 kilos of grapes, lower than the previous year, a decline which was widespread across the province thanks to the late frosts in October 2015.

The failure of the harvest has created the expectation for a strong recovery in domestic wine prices for local producers.


Faced with these adverse circumstances, the company has redoubled efforts to produce grapes and wines of the highest quality in order to differentiate itself from the other producers, and offer a high quality product sought out by wineries looking for brands that excel for their prestige positioning.