At Panedile, people with different life experiences and backgrounds contribute their talent and enthusiasm to working together as part of a great team. We believe that this plurality creates added value that impacts positively on the projects we carry out, and we strive to ensure that all our employees receive the same development opportunities in the company so that they can fulfill their potential in both professional and personal terms.


This is why we have developed a clear and visible policy of standards to support our efforts to build a corporate culture of equity. Our aim is to ensure that work at Panedile’s projects and offices is carried out in a harassment-free environment characterized by respectful behavior and safe spaces.


Our purpose is to foster a culture of listening, closeness and care in the company, underpinned by a firm commitment to gender equality and opportunities, where our focus is on training our personnel in these areas as a way of achieving continuous improvement. This requires a strong commitment to transparency, participation and awareness, deconstructing outdated cultural paradigms in order to ensure that all Panedile’s stakeholders can effectively comply with our policies.


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