Equipment, Machinery and Logistics

Our Logistics and Main workshop facilities lie in the northern province of Santiago del Estero, a geostrategic location close to the country’s main highways, offering swift access to projects throughout the country. We provide technical, mechanical, logistics and administrative support at construction works where over 1,600 of our pieces of equipment are operating. Our premises occupy over 10 hectares and 5,000 m2 of covered facilities where we service and maintain heavy and light machinery, as well as metalworking, painting, and the central warehouse and administrative offices.


Our extensive and diverse fleet of equipment and machinery enables us to take part in all kinds of projects in the energy, water, road, railway, mining, architecture, sanitation and oil & gas infrastructure sectors. Our fleet of equipment includes specialized machinery in a broad range of categories, such as: earthworks, underground drilling, open cast drilling, railway equipment, hoisting, asphalting, and concrete and aggregate processing plants, as well as auxiliary and light vehicles, to mention a few. We also have a large fleet of vehicles designated for logistics and transportation, used to move equipment, materials and facilities to and from projects. This gives us all the flexibility, dexterity and speed needed to respond to launches and specific needs at works as they arise.

At our Logistics and Central Workshop, we process the data about our equipment use, consumption, availability and requests at both those projects under way and those under study, creating key data to be processed by Company Management regarding its fleet of vehicles, machinery and equipment.


The Engineering area is constantly exchanging information with our leading equipment suppliers and our team analyzes the latest innovations being incorporated as they arise in different models and brands. They are constantly evaluating how to take advantage of changes in technology so as to more efficiently meet the objectives that we set ourselves at our works. Based on these evaluations, and a deep understanding of the requirements and needs of each project, Company Management draws up the equipment investment plan. Likewise, we analyze the specific needs of each project to adapt our equipment, incorporating the commensurate changes and modifications on the basis of calculations to optimize onsite task execution.


In our bid to remain at the forefront of the construction industry, we pursue a policy of consistent and constant investments in the renewal and expansion of our fleet of machinery and equipment. We have a proportion of our fleet available both to replace machinery in use at projects under way, and ready to be assigned to upcoming projects, allowing us to provide our clients with a rapid response to their needs.