The road infrastructure project will boost the further development of the Buenos Aires-
Santa Fe axis

389,41 km


2.118.811 tn

Asphaltic concrete paving

13.773.164 m3



Corredor E


Dirección Nacional de Vialidad


CORREDOR PANAMERICANO I is a public limited company constituted by Helport S.A., Panedile S.A., Eleprint S.A. and Copasa S.A., which is managing the concession to develop the roadway “Corredor E” as part of a PPP (Public-Private Partnership) as from August 1, 2018. The company manages, repairs, improves, conserves, expands, remodels and exploits a total of 389.41 km along National Route 9, connecting the city of Campana in the province of Buenos Aires to the city of Rosario in the province of Santa Fe.


This is an integral project which involves building highways, by-passes, third carriage- ways, paving passing and highway shoulders, access to the ports and the industrial park, and improvements to intersections and bridges, as well as repaving and improving lighting works, building weighing stations, rest areas and walkways.


Each part of the project involves substantial earthworks and laying granular bases, as well as developing major and minor landscaping, asphalt spraying, laying hot asphalt layers using both conventional and modified asphalt, and installing horizontal and vertical signage, metal railings, concrete shoulders and fencing, etc.

Cantidades destacadas: 

CONCRETE: 161.499 m3
GRANULAR BASES: 2.623.531 m3
SPRAY: 25.737.148 m2
EARTHWORKS: 13.773.164 m3
BRIDGES: 115.962 m2
REPAVING: 313.363 tn