Canal de la Patria

Santiago del Estero

A project that will expand the water coverage of more than 300,000 people and improve the efficiency of water use.

1.039.674 m3


113.920 m3


950.000 m3



New Canal de la Patria


Ministry of Works, Public Services, Water and Environment of the
Province of Santiago del Estero


The New Canal de la Patria aims to provide a safe and permanent supply of water to service the communities inhabiting an extensive area in the center and north of the province of Santiago del Estero.


The project includes building approximately 180 km of a new concrete-lined and waterproofed canal between the water intake point fed by the Salado River, near Santos Lugares, to the bifurcation point near the town of 9 de Julio and from there to the city of Quimilí.


The work has been designed to ensure a minimum bypass and conduction capacity of 3 m 3 /s. This flow should be able to comfortably satisfy the current and future demands of the entire region served by the canal.


The base width of the canal has been designed to vary between 1.50 and 2 meters, and its height ranges from 1.20 to 1.40 meters. It will be lined to prevent leaking with a 7.5 cm layer of simple concrete.


Exclusion bars to trap floating detritus will be placed at both the intake point and the flow partition work, at progressive 53,722.13. The gates at the water intake point will be activated both manually and electromechanically. Crossing culverts have been designed for all those points where there are local roads or to link houses standing on both banks of the canal. The bypass structures have been designed with their corresponding control elements at all points where the canal provides service.