In Panedile we support education of excellence and believe that it is crucial for  students to receive scholarships on the basis of talent and ability.

We support the Abanderados Argentinos Program at the University of San Andrés which recognizes the commitment and perseverance of students who have been Class Leaders or Escorts in their schools.

«I found the environment I aspired to: an intensive education, both exacting and demanding»

María Luján Luna

International Relations Student, Abanderados Argentinos Scholar, Santiago del Estero

Equal educational opportunities change the destiny of a country and its inhabitants. College Scholarship Program for Argentinos Abanderados is amed at class leaders and escorts in public schools and state-subsidized private establishments across the country. The grants also consider the costs of accommodation, study and support; since in many cases they are for students who come from up country

The program seeks to repair the territorial educational injustice and inequality separating Buenos Aires from the rest of the country. Currently, Panedile supports students from Misiones, Santiago del Estero and the interior of the Province of Buenos Aires.