«This support has helped me a lot to reach my goal faster, which is to be an engineer”


Ricardo, 23 years old

In our country, the number of students entering college is increasing year by year. However, the ratio of students matriculating to those graduating is very low. For more young people to graduate as engineers in Argentina, we set up the Ing Juan Carlos Dragonetti College Scholarship Program. The methodology is based on three pillars:

  • Monthly financial grant
  • Mentoring during university studies with the help of a tutor
  • Compulsory English course

The program includes special opportunities such as the chance for engineering students to visit the company through visits to works in progress, and develop contact with the company’s professionals as well as attend technical lectures in academic fields.

the beneficiaries are advanced students studying Civil, Hydraulic and Road Engineering.

The program is managed by the Cimientos Foundation, a civil society organization that designs and implements educational programs with the mission of promoting equal opportunities for the most vulnerable populations and contributing to educational quality.

Cimientos works with education to help develop more just and equitable societies.

The program name is a tribute to the engineer Juan Carlos Dragonetti, an example of how dedication to study can transform peoples’ lives. He graduated from the Otto Krause school as a Master Builder, subsequently graduating from the School of Agronomy of the University of Buenos Aires, where he taught as   professor of Hydraulics and became Head of the Department of Hydraulics. He played a pivotal role in the fight against the plague of locusts which attacked farmland in Argentina during the 1940s. Dragonetti was Vice President of the National Grain Board  and Technical Director of the National Agrarian Council, for which he received recognition from several foreign governments. He was decorated by the governments of France, Japan and Korea for the help he provided to immigrants from those countries. He had two sons, Juan Carlos, an agronomist like his father and Hugo, a lawyer, both working at Panedile today.