The Panedile community believes that we can continue to make a difference in people’s lives by impacting on the education received by each child. We work in close collaboration with schools, educational communities and NGOs with expertise in educational accompaniment. We believe that a better society is built through education.

As a teacher in a remote and low-income locality, I can assure you that from the pedagogical point of view, the results are magnificent.


Silvana González

Director at the Escuela Albergue Dr Juan Navarro

During the economic crisis of 2001 we decided to sponsor the Albergue Dr Juan Navarro, School located in the district of Encon in the San Juan desert, 120 km from the city of San Juan. The school is the only one in the area and its teachers perform their duties with an admirable sense of dedication to the institution. We have supported this educational community for the last 15 years by providing psychological and pedagogical support as well as an English teacher for secondary students; as well as helping to fund school uniforms, trips, transfers, building improvements and community celebrations.

We also work with the Cimientos Foundation as a partner in its future graduates program for low-income children who need to receive personalized tutoring and financial support in order to finish high school. Cimientos’ work is focused on paying for tutors to help students who attend schools in vulnerable socio-economic contexts as well as provide them with the economic and academic support they need at this stage when they are building their identity and future. The work of Cimientos impacts on the lives of over 30,000 children across the country.

In Santiago del Estero, our logistics center is next door to School No. 208, attended by more than 200 students. We share in this educational community’s needs, achievements and celebrations. We play a role in helping with building improvements and provide our neighbors with continued support.