Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires

Construction of the reinforced concrete structure of two buildings of 28 and 12 floors, a project designed by renowned architect Mario Roberto Álvarez, lying in the heart of the Recoleta neighborhood on Avenida Alvear.

Quality and robust structures in the best location in Buenos Aires City


AV. ALVEAR 1491 y 1493


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Reinforced concrete structure of two buildings located on Av. Alvear facing No. 1491 and 1493, between Montevideo and Libertad streets in the City of Buenos Aires.

The work included the construction of a reinforced concrete structure for the main building, corresponding to a 28-story tower with four basements and a second building with 12 floors and four basements.

The first floor houses two two-bedroom apartments, the concierge and the consortium administration offices.

The 2nd to 10th floors consist of four units of one and three bedrooms on Av. Alvear and two two-bedroom units facing the river. On floors 11 to 14, there are two units of two bedrooms and a mezzanine with four bedrooms overlooking the river on each floor.

On floors 15 to 26 two identical mezzanines to the previous were constructed on each floor. Floors 27 and 28 house four three-bedroom duplex units.

In the basement are the garages and storage rooms, equipment rooms, health facilities and staff sanitation facilities and vehicle washing facilities.

In 1991, the project received the Annual Award for Architecture in the Collective Multifamily Housing category awarded by the Central Society of Architects and the Professional Council of Architecture and Urbanism.