Hydroelectric power plant



Agua del Toro produces hydroelectric power, irrigation and flood control. The dam is a symmetrical double curvature vault 120m high, one of the highest in Argentina.

The power obtained through the installation of two Francis vertical axis type  turbines was 130 MW

569.932 m3


8.000.000 m3


130 MW

installed capacity

90.000 ha



Agua del Toro dam, hydroelectric power plant, access roads and related civil works on the Diamante River in the Province of Mendoza.


Agua y Energía Eléctrica Sociedad del Estado


Execution of civil works, supply and installation of hydro-electromechanical equipment and commissioning.

The dam is of a concrete dome type with a double curvature arch, 120 meters high and 309 meters long (with a 285 m rope). Its width at the crown is 4.60 m and 22.70 m at the level of the foundations. The deviation tunnel is 242 m in length, and was dug along the right bank and corresponds to a gallery excavated in rock and lined with concrete which has an internal diameter of 5.40 m.

The weir is located on the left bank, and is 8.50 m high at the outflow, with a gate and hinged vents. It has been designed on the basis of calculations estimating the need to bear400 m3 / s when the level of the reservoir reaches 1,341 m in altitude.

The works performed for the hydroelectric plant included the construction of the outflow and the floodgate, the pressure gallery, surge chamber, penstock, and the the building of the plant housing, as well as the diversion channel, the 220 kV interconnection park, access roads and an adjoining park.

The power obtained through the installation of two Francis turbines with a vertical shaft of 130 MW, achieving an annual average energy generation of 400 GWh. The two-story command center and the classification yard are upstream from the power plant itself.

The pressure gallery was installed on the left bank. It has a total length of 4,246 m and circular section which is 6.50 m in diameter.