Hydroelectric power station



Located 45 km from Esquel, in Chubut Province, the Futaleufu dam was built to provide electricity to the Aluar aluminum plant in Puerto Madryn, while the surplus would be dedicated to public use. We participated in the civil works of the dam reservoir and extended shoulder protection upstream of the dam.

This was a monumental feat of engineering in a unique setting of natural beauty in the Los Alerces National Park. .


Civil works at the Futaleufú Hydroelectric Power Plant Project reservoir dam including the extension of the shoulder protection upstream of the Futaleufú dam, Province of Chubut


Agua y Energía Eléctrica Sociedad del Estado


The work performed under these contracts included the completion of construction of civil works of the Futaleufu reservoir dam project, the bridge superstructure, the  adduction piping system for the hydroelectric plant, completing the construction of the headrace tunnel , diversion tunnels, roads, landfill, the surge shaft and intake.

Increased extension of the riprap shoulder protection upstream of the embankment dam at the Futaleufú Hydroelectric Complex.

Two service roads were built in the form of stairs from which 22,000 m3 of classified cantilevered quarried material was poured and distributed.

The work was done from the level +470.00 to level +487.00 m in an area of approximately 600 m and from level +487.00 to +500.00 m in an area of approximately 300 m.