Province of San Juan

Province of San Juan

We notched up a new milestone in the work at the El Tambolar dam following the diversion of the San Juan River


We’ve taken a vital step forward in the main works for the El Tambolar Hydropower Development by starting work to divert the San Juan River, which will allow us to begin excavations to build the dam foundations, the heart of the project. Once the main works are under way, the activities schedule will be stepped up and we will be employing more personnel to reach the maximum peak of employment foreseen by the project.


The diversion works include the execution of two tunnels lined with reinforced concrete through the rock formation on the right bank of the San Juan River, capable of absorbing a maximum flow of 600 m3/s during the construction stage of the dam (this is ten times more than the historical average flow rates of the river). In addition, the channel works towards the tunnels and the cofferdam will prevent the river passing through the current channel. Currently under construction is a plastic concrete screen that will do the same for groundwater flow.


Once the dam has been built, and prior to the start of work on the reservoir, we will complete the works to transform the diversion tunnels. One will be blocked off while the other will be used as a bottom discharger for the operation stage of the hydroelectric power complex, enabling the reservoir to be emptied for water maintenance or emergency operations.



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