Inauguration of the interlagos Route

Inauguration of the interlagos Route

Inauguration of the Interlagos Route A work that joins the dikes Punta Negra and Caracoles and creates a new tourist circuit in San Juan The route is born in the street Las Moras before the Punta Negra Hydroelectric Use and travels 26.6 kilometers of mountainous terrain through the imposing landscapes that offer the lakes that conform the new Sanjuaninos dikes in the Andes mountain range.

In this regard, Panedile President Hugo A. Dragonetti pointed out that «this project is another milestone for San Juan in connection with the levees, from today all Sanjuaninos will be able to know these great hydroelectric works. It is also a new tourist attraction for the province and will bring benefits to neighboring towns. We are proud to work in San Juan and to generate work and development for our country. »

In the new route that will replace the old provincial route 12 seven bridges are deployed, more than 3 million cubic meters of material in embankments and more than 230 thousand cubic meters in rock were excavated. The work also includes a cycle path and places for tourism and recreation, such as viewpoints and a jetty, forming a path that will serve both for tourism purposes and for connecting by road the hydroelectric power station Los Caracoles with the road network of the province.

The stretch that opens is the first step to achieve the connection with Calingasta by the trace of the old route 12.


QUANTITIES Total length of work: 26,6 km

Earthworks: 3,070,000 m3

Bridges: Seven (375 linear meters and 7,340 m3 of concrete)

Excavation in rock: 236,000 m3

Protection of slopes with casting: 95,600 m3

Protection of slopes with flexible blanket: 96.600 m2

Sewers: 77 (9,500 m3 of concrete)

Cantilever structures: 2 (1,150 m3 of concrete)

Flex Beam protection: 23,650 linear meters

Asphaltic pavement of 5 cm thickness: 127.517 m2

Viewpoints: Ten distributed along the route

Embarcadero: has access with asphalt pavement that has a length of 280 m and has two parking lots. The pier itself has a length of 606 m with concrete pavement of 23 cm. In order for the boats to access the dam, thirteen access ramps are provided, arranged in such a way that access is allowed regardless of the level of the same.

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