Latin American Leadership and Infrastructure Forum

Participation of the President of Panedile, Dr. Hugo A Dragonetti

As part of the 14th Latin American Leadership and Infrastructure Forum that took place in the city of Buenos Aires, Dr. Hugo A. Dragonetti was invited to lecture on «Program Management as a tool to create bankable projects». The session analyzed how efficient program management can guarantee the attraction of investment required for to implement major infrastructure projects.

Dr Dragonetti also participated as moderator on the panel «Financing Large-scale Infrastructure Works» where managers of financial organizations discussed critical aspects of investment projects in Latin America: What is needed? How do you deal with the risks? How can the region increase its level of investment in infrastructure and what role should the private sector play?

Finally, the President of Panedile participated in the discussion table of the World Economic Forum on «Accelerating Investment in Infrastructure in Argentina» with special guests. The event is organized by CG / LA Infrastructure as part of its program of cooperation with the «Global Challenges Group on Long-Term Investment, Infrastructure and Development» of the World Economic Forum. The World Economic Forum is working on building a platform for long-term investors, governments, multilateral banks and development finance institutions to generate initiatives and collaborative programs that enable the capital needed to close the funding gap in infrastructure to be unlocked.

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