The Teatro Bicentenario dresses up to the nines

We completed the placement of the luxury seating in the San Juan Opera House

With the installation of 100% of the seating in the stalls, the Teatro del Bicentenario prepares for opening night. The Spanish seats, specially designed so as not to interfere with the acoustics of the theater dressed the Main Hall in the traditional deep red of the opera house.

The seats were crafted by the renowned Spanish company Figueras, whose extensive experience in equipping public spaces in the world includes auditoriums and concert halls of the caliber of the Philharmonie de Paris, the National Theater of Lima, and the Auditorium of the Tower of YPF in Puerto Madero among others. The seats arrived at the port of Buenos Aires after a long boat trip from Barcelona. Then the container packed with 780 seats travelled 1,100 km to the city of San Juan.

Placement required a seldom-seen craft and extreme neatness coordinated by a specialist who was sent especially for this task from Spain. First, the pieces corresponding to each seat were set in place. Not a single screw was placed until their placement had been adjusted several times until this achieved the degree of perfection sought by the architects and acoustics consultants.

The seat model is the «Lyrica» and features a unique fabric called «Trevira» whose weave makes it fireproof, while the structure of the seat back is made from wenge wood, and uses the new «soft» system that automatically rearranges the seat along the back without generating any sound capable of distracting either the audience or the artists.

While the Main Hall is almost ready, on stage they have been working hard to get the stage machinery up and running. The tasks focus on the system of rods, pulleys and the turntable, while in the orchestra pit the «spiralift» technology is already in place as a platform lift for the orchestra, ready to comply to the last millimeter with the stage director’s indications

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