Teatro del Bicentenario prepares to ring with the best music

Teatro del Bicentenario prepares to ring with the best music

First acoustic measurement

Work of the Teatro del Bicentenario of San Juan is now on the final stretch In order to obtain the highest quality acoustics, a first battery of tests was carried out by the acoustic consultants, Gustavo Basso and Rafael Sanchez Quintana. Recognized worldwide for their work at the Teatro Colón, the Teatro Argentino de la Plata, the «Blue Whale» of the Kirchner Cultural Center, and the Usina del Arte, among others, the engineers held the first precision acoustic tests based on ISO standards -3382 / 1997 in the main and secondary halls at the Teatro del Bicentenario. A number of different points were measured in the stalls and galleries to ensure a careful and objective diagnosis of how the theater sounds. The results so far have been promising.

These first measurements were taken prior to placing the seats due to arrive from Spain in a month. These acoustic measurements will be compared with new ones made in the hall now lined with the seating and textiles with the air conditioning in operation.

During its construction, the Teatro del Bicentenario followed the highest sound quality standards as recommended by Sanchez Quintana and Basso. The main hall took the form of a horseshoe, similar to the Teatro Colon of Buenos Aires. It will be able to accommodate a symphony orchestra of about 100 musicians and 1,100 spectators internally distributed throughout three levels or galleries. The project provides the necessary premises and technical and artistic infrastructure devices to enable the production, performance and presentation of shows such as opera, ballet, symphony and choral concerts, chamber music, recitals, stageplays and other cultural events.

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